Do not dare not to dare

This week I had the opportunity to work with world renowned watercolor artist Alvaro Castagnet. I must confess, I believe him and I are kindred spirits. The way he talks about art is the way I think about it. What he teaches, I’ve been teaching my students. The experience of meeting him was like meeting… me. Perhaps a future me, one that is less wobbly and more assured; assertive; even commanding. What I got from this experience is not technique formulas, but my need to look outwards for learning turned inwards. It’s the inner journey that is essential to take to grow as an artist; to prod at the areas where I tick the most. Having the integrity to please myself first and foremost. I asked him what advise he’d give to his younger self and after contemplating the question for a while he said “dare much more”. I’ll let that be the greatest lesson to be learned from him. In other words: Ad astra per alas porci! (to the stars on the wings of a pig)