4th place award at GWS 2017 Member’s Show

One and a half hour drive trough unexpected traffic and we were almost an hour late for the awards ceremony. I walk in the Quinlan Art Center heading towards the crowd of people gathered in the middle of a grand room when I hear at a microphone “And this award goes to Diana Toma!” What were the chances of such gracious timing?! I keep walking without stopping straight to the podium to get my award. It’s 4th place at Georgia Watercolor Society 2017. The presenter tells me “the judge will hand you your award” and full with gratitude that I was told it’s HER I quickly whisper in her year “I love your work!” I walk away in awe of this perfect synchronicity, smiling at the sound of applauses. I see people I admire in the crowd. My daughter is staring me in the eyes from afar. I giggle. Tiny watercolor pieces can win awards too! (rarely, hardly ever, yet wonderfully so for me… and for my wallet 🙂 )