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I offer private art lessons in Watercolor, Acrylic and Oils to adults and high school students hosted in my private studio located in the East Cobb part of Marietta. Topics for private art lessons include Painting, Composition, Color Theory, and Finding Your Style and subject matters vary from Scapes to Portraiture. I teach using reference photos, and also from life, such as still nature and en plein-air. Rates: $100/hr. 

The private lessons are an excellent opportunity to get one-on-one focused instruction time. The environment is casual and conductive to creativity. You get what you put in – the more focused and dedicated you are, the more you’ll be able to grow. Here are the main three aspects I focus on with my students:

– Immediate immersion and hands-on approach
Learn techniques as you paint – no better way of learning than trying it for yourself. Short demonstrations are performed at each lesson but the emphasis is put on your work.

– Individualized instructions for your specific interest and level of skill
I adjust my plan lesson to fit your comfort level, while encouraging you to push for just a bit more with each lesson.

– Removing Creative Blocks
Fear of failure is one of the most common road blocks in unlocking your creative potential; fear of success is on the flip side of it. The studio is a safe place to explore and learn. Mistakes are encouraged and required for progress to take place. I teach my students to see all mistakes as necessary steps in their development: don’t avoid mistakes – welcome them!


I am a firm believer that anyone can learn to paint given the right kind of instructions.  “Play is the highest form of research” said Einstein and that has been my motto for the creative work I do with my students. When allowing yourself to play you begin to discover your own authentic voice so you can begin developing your unique style. Going beyond just reproducing a subject, it is about learning to look at things in a new way in a quest to harmonize your intent with your outcome. 

My lessons are centered around fast, free-flowing painting release. One of the things that I encourage my students to do is to create more from the heart and less from the head, to let go of fear or self judgement. The private lessons as well as my workshops and classes are a safe laboratory for investigation and guided practice so you can acquire skills to express yourself. Under my guide you will walk away feeling so much better about creating your art. 

If you afraid to learn to paint because you think you need to be born with artistic talent in order to create art, I’m here to tell you that’s not how it works at all; in fact, art is all about self-expression, letting go of the thoughts who block it, and allowing your unique individuality to reveal itself in your work process. More so, some of the most fascinating works of art are a result of play and serendipitous accidents. In my classes you will learn that experimenting and failing is a necessary part of the artistic journey. See, it really goes like this: no failing, no progress. As Scott Adams briliantly words it: “Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” 

Teaching is a privilege to be the first-class witness to delightful discoveries and growth. I’m excited to have embarked on the journey of being part of another’s artistic development – and I have worked so far with over 800 individuals. This kind of experience showed me what works and what doesn’t. Contact me now to discuss booking your first introductory session

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