Pink ribbon at GWS National!

I’ve been earning ribbons with the cash awards I’ve been winning in art competitions, so many that now I can fill a Christmas tree with them. It became a fun game to play, since I replaced all expectations with playfulness and adventure. Art is such a subjective area, and even if there are rules to go by, beauty is still in the eye of the beholder. A very accomplished artist advised me a coupe of years ago. She said “don’t get discouraged by the rejections, keep painting – I can wallpaper my house with the letters of rejections I got in my career!”

This is my first pink colored ribbon – it is for Georgia Peach award at the Georgia Watercolor Society annual National Show, judged and juried by famed artist Paul Jackson. I was thrilled that my lil watercolor “Betwixt” got acknowledged – it was the smallest painting in this show. Here here to more ribbons and adventures on this path of making alive as a full time artist!